Bridal Nail Art – Less is more!!!

I am kind of an old school when it comes to experimenting with nails on weddings or other similar occasions. Though I love to try new shades in matt, gloss and sparkle but that is about how far I think I would go. The exotic art on nails (like below) sure look very tempting to try but I think the Indian Bride already has so much going on her hands - mehendi, fancy tattoos, bangles and bracelets, accessories like hathphool,that I think these exotic nails can give a clumsy feeling and may be lost in the crowd.

What do you think? Which one do you prefer? Is less really more when it comes to bridal nails?

Yellow Mellow – Bridal Attire & Inspirations in different shades of Yellow

When I see yellow, optimism, cheerfulness and hope comes to my mind. Yellow often goes hand-in-hand with that clean, grounded New England look, with lots of buttery porcelain and handmade papers.

For Indian weddings, combine soft, cheery yellow with bold colors like green, orange or fuchsia. Yellow with sky blue or turquoise is a perfect combination for a romantic beach wedding. Though this may be a slightly unconventional color for Indian weddings but if you are in the mood to make some heads turn, then this color is sure your cup of tea.

A good sense of Distaste

Whenever I surf the web for inspirations I come across thousands of beautiful pictures. But, more often than not I also come across a dress a pair of shoes or makeup, that I wouldn’t be caught dead wearing. And, neither I want you to J

So, I would be starting a section – “A good sense of Distaste” – for things that are simply a disgrace in the world of style & fashion and should be avoided at all costs. For, when complimented on her style, Audrey Tautou aptly says in Coco Before Chanel – “ I just happen to have a good sense of distaste”

Continuing form my previous post, here are some shoes that I think would look highly unappealing, especially if you are pairing them with an Indian dress.

I will be adding to this section as and when I find more eye torturing, wretched stuff that I don't want to see anybody wearing.

It's "Shoe" Time

No outfit is complete without a great pair of shoes. Especially when it comes to wedding shoes great care should be taken in choosing the pair that is most comfortable and stylish at the same time. Indian wedding ceremonies easily run upto 7-8 hours and those stilettos won’t do much good in carrying the weight of your lehenga and jewelery. Luckily, these days brides have lot of options to choose from.

1) Slingbacks – they are a good way to give support and balance if you must wear high heels.

2) Wedges are popular these days but can be tricky as they usually are associated with casual look. However, gold or silver wedges in satin fabric can be easily paired with suit or saree to give a formal, dressed up look (make sure they don’t have a wooden or jute bottom)

3) Good old “pumps” or “peep toes” – you can seldom go wrong with these. Those with block or slightly thicker heels would support better than those with sleek heels. You can also choose studded or embellished heels.

4) Flats: If you are happy with your height, then ballerina flats (or more traditional jootis) are a way to go.

I think kitten heels ,mary jane and thong sandals should be avoided at all costs as they give a very unflattering look on saree, lehenga or suits.
(more on this in my next post)

Bling Bijoux

Whenever I look at this photo shoot from Vogue India I am reminded of one basic rule that can seldom go wrong – the rule of “understated elegance”. Wearing just the right amount of bling, neither too much nor too little. When wearing statement jewelry pieces, keep the dress simple and when dress is the center of attraction, keep the jewelry minimal.

Coming back to the jewelry – More than anything else I love the versatility of these pieces. They can be worn with almost any Indian dress (lehenga , saree or suit), giving an elegant look to the modern day bride. Moreover, they can also be effortlessly combined with a fabulous gown or an evening dress and still look equally fascinating.

Trend Alert - " Bridal Gowns"

Gowns seem to be the latest frenzy on the Indian wedding scene. While we are already aware of their dominance in western weddings and on the red carpet, the “gown fever” seems to be catching up in our very own “desi” weddings too.

Indian gowns (that’s what I would refer them as) are designed keeping in mind the specific customs of Indian weddings and requirements of the Indian bride (see the pictures below). Few details that transition this fabulous western outfit into an Indian bride’s attire are:

1) White cannot be the prominent color in most of the cases as white is considered not-so-auspicious for Indian marriages. Colors like red, blue or gold are more prominent.

2) Unlike traditional gowns, medium to heavy embellishments in fabrics such as brocade, silk, organza or tissue set the tone for Indian bride.
3) Instead of going completely off shoulder, sleeveless or corset type, Indian designers create gowns that are a little covered from the top – with a dupatta, jacket or neckline.

After scouting through hundreds of pictures on the web, I found some designs that I really liked. Take a peek here (designs by and see if they inspire you to try one out – either for your own wedding or the one you are planning to attend.

Want to play "Gold" in summers?

Gold can be a very tricky color to settle for if your wedding is in sweltering Indian summers. You don’t want to look too garish, draped in an outfit gaudy enough to overpower your whole persona. But, I do agree that gold is the most exotic color and here are few tips to help you wear this color in the right way.

1) Combine pastels with gold – The pastel colors offset the brightness of gold and add a more feminine touch.
2) For embroideries opt for dull gold zari or kundan gold, rather than heavy gold sequins or embellishments.

3) For summers, go for muted tones of gold. Opt for sheer light fabrics with delicate designs and patterns.
4) Use gota – Golden gota on the border of your dupatta , neckline of the blouse or along the circle of the lehenga will give a the requisite touch of gold, without overdoing the shimmer.

A Hit & A Miss

Yesterday two designers, Vikram Phandis and Riyaz Gangji showcased their lehenga collection. While I loved Malaika Arora in black and gold lehenga, I am not so sure about Jacqueline Fernandez. Neither the rosette choli was something to speak of nor the bizarre design on the length of the lehenga. Though it was a good effort to fuse the traditional style of lehenga with modern day embroidery design, it however was too overwhelming for a bridal attire.

Jacqueline Fernandez for Riyaz Gangji

The black/blue and the gold lehenga below is a departure from the traditional colors but works really well. The orange and yellow dupatta aptly offset the dark color of the lehenga. The kundan set adds brilliance and sophistication. All in all a perfect piece for brides who want to stand apart from the crowd.

Malaika Arora for Vikram Phadnis at Shagun Show

Spice up - with a "touch of Blue"

After my post on blue lehengas , I received a lot of queries from brides who want a little more fun and uniqueness in their outfit but also want to stick to more traditional colors.

For those who don’t want to go for a full-length blue lehenga or saree, add a little touch of blue in different ways – blue eyeshadow, blue accessories like sandals or clutch or blue jewelry. You can also choose a blue choli or a blue dupatta and pair it with different colors.

A little hint of this unique color will instantly refresh your look and is guaranteed to make you stand apart from the crowd (of course, in a good way).

Bridal Pearls

For those of you who want to wear pearls on your bridal lehenga or saree, take a look at the collections below from Art Karat. These exquisite designs are exactly what you will need to put your best foot forward.

Nine yards of Seductiveness

When it comes to Indian weddings, big, bold colors usually dominate the scene. But this summer, pastels and soft colors seem to be everyone’s favorite. Soft colors in light, sheer fabrics accentuate your feminine side and are perfect for spring/summer wedding season.

The trick to wear soft colors and still not look 100 years old is to choose a pastel version of otherwise bright shades like pink, blue, green, gold etc. Keep your make up soft and jewelry minimum. You can add a little punch by a bright clutch or some fancy sandals (see previous post) but definitely don’t overdo it.

So, this season, stay stylish in a saree.