Trend Alert - " Bridal Gowns"

Gowns seem to be the latest frenzy on the Indian wedding scene. While we are already aware of their dominance in western weddings and on the red carpet, the “gown fever” seems to be catching up in our very own “desi” weddings too.

Indian gowns (that’s what I would refer them as) are designed keeping in mind the specific customs of Indian weddings and requirements of the Indian bride (see the pictures below). Few details that transition this fabulous western outfit into an Indian bride’s attire are:

1) White cannot be the prominent color in most of the cases as white is considered not-so-auspicious for Indian marriages. Colors like red, blue or gold are more prominent.

2) Unlike traditional gowns, medium to heavy embellishments in fabrics such as brocade, silk, organza or tissue set the tone for Indian bride.
3) Instead of going completely off shoulder, sleeveless or corset type, Indian designers create gowns that are a little covered from the top – with a dupatta, jacket or neckline.

After scouting through hundreds of pictures on the web, I found some designs that I really liked. Take a peek here (designs by and see if they inspire you to try one out – either for your own wedding or the one you are planning to attend.


God Made Me fuNky said...

oooo!I so wanted to wear a gown for my wedding, I had even shortlisted a beautiful emerald green one, but it never worked out:(
All in all its fantastic ides to change up your usual wedding attire and choosing a gown for one of the functions can give you that perfect fairy tale wedding

Sovina said...

emerald green is a beautiful sure would have looked great. :)

Tanveer Parmar said...

I wore a gown on my engagement day. But I wore it in white, luckily for me, my family was not so superstitious.

Sovina said...

@tanveer - wow! that's good..I wasn't even allowed to buy anything white during wedding shopping..I saw your pic in the gown n your blog and you sure look lovely. Thanks for stopping by :)