I, Me, Myself

Hi! I am Sovina - the girl behind this blog. I am a fashion, finance and fitness enthusiast (in no particular order). I started this blog a year back as a place for me to fix my fashion and creativity cravings. I am an Indian and stay in Seattle with my husband (yes! I am already married since last 3 years and still have a wedding blog). The purpose of this blog, initially, was to cater to bridal fashion. But, as you might have noticed, sometimes my posts will have a different flavor :)

Some random facts /thoughts about me:

I am finishing up my second year of grad school. So, if you see me missing for a few days, I probably have too much homework to do.

I love to shop - clothes, shoes, accessories and bags (more or less in that order)

I am strong willed, impulsive, adaptive, very selective, impatient, sensitive and hyper active. If some of these clash, don't worry - I am Gemini :)

I don't have any OCD's (not even shopping. I can exercise reasonable self restraint).

I am in finance field by profession.

Yoga and walking are my favorite workouts.

I have the most AWESOME HUSBAND!

My firmly believe that A is A.

I already said that I live in Seattle. So, if I sometimes complain about the weather, please bear with me.

Current obsession - The Sopranos

I am competitive (very!)

One author that I can relate to most is Ayn Rand.

I am whimsical, dreamy and sometimes unrealistic and change my mind quickly!

I love like to dance but I am not very good at it.

Have more to write, but later!