Indian(ized) Jackets

What better than clothes and accessories that can transition between Indian and Western wear? I have seen a lot of Indian designers moving away from traditional blouses to versatile jackets / kurtis etc that can be worn either with a lehenga or your favorite pair of jeans or skirt.

A few things to keep in mind when shopping or getting these pieces tailored are:

- Stick with the basic colors – black, blues, whites, gold etc.

- Though most of the Indian tops (blouses) have heavy embroidery, the versatility of these jackets is in keeping them simple.

- Structured collars and/or shoulders are important. Pay special attention to them.

- The most common fabrics for these types of jackets are brocade, silk or raw silk. I personally like linen as well.

- Combine these with dark jeans or pencil skirt, shorts or little black dress and enjoy all the attention that you get

P.S: This last one is my favorite and I hope to get something similar stitched on my next trip to India.


Leia said...

Ooh these are all wonderful!


Bows,Hearts and everything Cute said...

I wish I can find a good tailor soon..I'd love to get something like this stitched..

Pratishtha Durga said...

Lovely jackets. What I love about Indian designs is the fact that with a little imagination, they can be worked into such a variety of style genres.

Loving the last jacket.

Fashionistable said...

These are so sumptuous. Thank you for the advice. Xxxx

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Tanvi said...

Incidentally, my Mom has something similar to the last one ... and it is about 18 years old ... I better grab it and call is Vintage :D

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Sara.H said...

Love those :) <3

Polka Princess said...

I LOVE the structured embroidered jackets in raw silk/brocade! They can be such stunners paired with the right silhouettes... :)

~Undercover Diva said...

YAY I'm so glad you're back!!


Semper Fidelis said...

Lovely Post :)
Feeling like Shopping for some jackets like those and wearing it with westerns and Indians equally :)

suruchi said...

that's a stunning piece:-)
and blends can be sooo stylish if they do just that-blend so well:-)

Style, She Wrote said...

Love the rich fabrics used for these jackets! xo style, she wrote

Megha said...

jackets are really nice