Reader's Request - How to drape dupatta on shorter heights

One my readers Aksar asked me this:

“i liked the idea very much even i was wondering how to manage a heavy dupatta..but as i m short height will it look good on me m having height of marriage is on dec please help”

Hi Aksar:

There are different ways in which you can experiment with your dupatta. I would assume that if the dupatta is heavy, you would like to make it the center of attraction. For that, you can go with either of the first three styles – cross over the dupatta as in Ist pic below and add a lighter dupatta to cover the head, have the dupatta cover the part of your neck and waist as in IInd pic or just have it on the side as in IIIrd pic below.

I think it would be true for anyone, but especially since you mentioned that you are short in height, I would pay very careful attention to both lehenga and dupatta. If the dupatta is too heavy, you don’t want lehenga to be too heavy and vice versa. Also, try broad neck blouses with not very heavy neck pieces and pulled back hair. That usually adds some illusion of height. You can go heavy on earrings and bangles.

The second set of pictures below are more for the style of lehenga than dupatta. Sleek cuts, like fish cuts or A line would suit you more than a heavy kali lehenga. If you have a lighter dupatta, one trick is to just have it on the side and roll up on your hand from behind as in the pictures below.

Hope this helps and all the best for your marriage ☺


Tanvi said...

Great Advice! I am sure Aksar will find is helpful! :)

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Isabel said...

i would love to try on one of those one day :) they looks so pretty!

Gayatri said...

Great tips Sovina. I love wearing heavy dupattas, especially because I can mix n match them. Incidentally, I'm the shortest member of my family. And I mostly wear a dupatta the 3rd way!


nitika said...

hey thanks for stopping by my blog!! i love d way the girl in pink has taken d dupatta !! : )

nd yess being a student even I find zara nd mango expensive and limited to occasional buys !! but I am yet to check out F21 !! :)

PS- following u.. Plz follow me back if u like !! Thanks

Semper Fidelis said...

I would love to try draping the Dupatta like those :)
Simply Classy and chic !

Suruchi said...

wow...that's a whole lot of sensible stuff out just don't know a striking style Sovi-you also know sensible fashion:-)

Leia said...

Great advice!


SabinePsynopsis said...

That's great advise. I still have to learn the terms of Indian dressing - everything looks so beautiful!

Taj Acosta said...

Great advice! I love that 3rd one on the top it's so gorgeous! xo

Garima D said...

Looking forward to a post regarding how to wear duppattas as scrafs.I have many duppattas but hvn't been able to wear them as they are long.Would you please help in this??
Would wear one when we meet :)

fashioneggpplant said...

i never realized, these are so amazingly pretty. the fabrics are phenomenal! :)

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