Bridal Fantasies

Browse through some of the latest designs in bridal lehangas from Vogue India. Use of intricate embroidery, uniform color pattern and delicate silhouettes make these so very sensual and glamorous. I particularly loved the style of the brocade jacket, instead of the usual choli and dupatta.

In the editorial shoes have been used to pop some color and spunk into the outfit. It might be a bit difficult play with this idea in real life (I mean shoes are hardly visible under the lehenga). But, you can take clues and dress up a neutral colored suit or a saree in a similar way. Nevertheless, loved the spread and had to share it with you guys.

Big on Brooches

Ransacking my mother’s closet as a little kid, I always used to amaze over those fancy safety pins (yes, that’s what I used to call them then) that she had. Embellished with beautiful stones, these tiny little things can glam up any outfit in a jiffy. Whether actually worn as a helping aid (to keep saree, dupatta or straps in place) or just to add a little sophistication, you would never go wrong with brooches.

So, whether you are wearing a lehenga, saree, suit or a fancy jacket, glam it up with the touch of a brooch. Here are a few more to feast your eyes on.

Feeling Blue...

Experiencing wedding blues is a common phenomenon as your D-day approaches. For those of you who also want to add some blue to their wedding outfits, have a look at the styles below.

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There are different shades of blue that you can experiment with – turquoise, dark or grayish blue or light blue. Blue is also one color that works well in both summer and winter weddings. A light sea green blue for summers or a wine velvet blue for winters are perfect for the brides who don’t want to stick with traditional maroons, reds and pinks.

Is blue the new red for Indian weddings? What do you think?

Back with a Bang

Hey All

The vacation is over and I am back on track. The break gave me many interesting ideas to make this blog more fun for you and I am starting right away. This was something I wanted to post for a long time, so here it is.

Beautiful You – from Head to Toe

Different kind of head accessories are very popular these days. This is a departure from the days when the bride's only option was to cover their head and content with a paranda or bun pins. These days brides have several option to dress up their head – maangtika, matha patti, side jhoomar and even a flower can do wonders for your look.

Take a peak at some of the accessories that are in vogue these days and pick one for yourself.

On the Aside

Just stepping in quickly to say that I am out on a vacation in Hawaii and will be missing from the blog scene for another week. I have some really interesting things planned for this blog and I promise to catch up real soon..


Exquisite Pearls

There is nothing more sophisticated than pearls ,if worn in the right way. And, contrary to the common perception, pearls don’t make you look older. The trick is to wear them right. One, don’t wear too much in one go. For instance wear only necklace and light earrings or earrings, if they are very heavy. Second, pearls work well with lighter shades and fabrics as compared to brighter shades and heavy fabric. A pale pink chiffon saree, some fancy blouse and a strand of pearls – and, voila you are all set to sizzle.

Pearls are also versatile, in the sense that they can be worn in many ways – for an afternoon lunch, a dinner party, an interview or just for attending guests at home. Also, they are very affordable and fit any budget and require minimum care.

Remember the key is not to overdress with pearls. Leave the heavy pearl sets for middle-aged women. For younger girls light pearl earrings or simple necklaces (with a small or no pendant) works well.

Its all about Jewelery

One thing that gets unparalleled attention (& share of the budget) when it comes to Indian weddings is Jewelry. Bridal jewelry has come a long way from being traditionally obsessed with yellow gold only to more exotic gems and stones. Diamonds, kundan, polki, meena and even while gold and pearls are what modern day brides desire. Most of these stones are set in gold but there is a huge variety that is available in semi precious form or in the form of fashion jewelry. An assorted collection,having both heavy and lightweight designs, would work best.

Statement Pieces (the Must have ones in your collection)

1) Chandelier earrings – They work with almost anything – saree, suit or even a fancy top. Include them in your collection to make a bold and eye catching statement.

2) Some fancy rings: Buy them in kundan, polki or silver. The bigger and the more eye catching the design the better they look.

3) Plain gold and silver Bangles – These can be wore with Indian or western attire and can be mixed and matched with heavy gold or diamond bangles.

4) A lightweight Kundan or Polki set (preferably in a neutral color)

5) Maangtika – This is one piece of the jewelry that most people think it limited to only brides. But, I don’t agree. A maangtika can be worn in so many different ways and sometimes as the only piece to accessorize the whole outfit.So, don’t forget to add this in your list.

6) A cuff bracelet: A perfect accessory for those fancy night parties, a dinner at a friends place or an evening tea. Mix and match with your watch or bangles.

7) A Strand of pearls

8) Jhumki – A traditional pair of gold or kundan jhumki can be worn with suits during the day or with a cocktail saree at night. They never go out of style.