Back with a Bang

Hey All

The vacation is over and I am back on track. The break gave me many interesting ideas to make this blog more fun for you and I am starting right away. This was something I wanted to post for a long time, so here it is.

Beautiful You – from Head to Toe

Different kind of head accessories are very popular these days. This is a departure from the days when the bride's only option was to cover their head and content with a paranda or bun pins. These days brides have several option to dress up their head – maangtika, matha patti, side jhoomar and even a flower can do wonders for your look.

Take a peak at some of the accessories that are in vogue these days and pick one for yourself.


God Made Me fuNky said...

love the one she is wearing in the first pic

suk... said...

I like the one in the third pic...pretty interesting...