Upside Down


- Anklets as head band (mathapatti)
- Long chains (or rani haar) as waist belt (kamarband ) to glam up a saree , fancy dress or your favorite jeans
- Rings in toes
- Anklets as necklace
- Necklace backwards
- Pendant or earrings as a tika
- Cuff bracelet as an armlet.
- Bangles stacked up in a chain, as a pendant.
- Beaded strands as hairband

The idea is to have fun with your jewelry. Experiment and wear it in different ways. Mix and match different accessories and create new look for yourself. After all, you have spent a lot of money in building your collection. It is only fair that you use it to the max.

(I have not been able to visit a lot of blogs recently..Have just been caught up in a few things, but I promise you will see me around really soon :))


Dipti said...

oh im crazzzzzzy about jewellery!

i LOVE mathapatti...makes a woman looks so so so beautiful!

nose rings.... anklets... baaju bandhs...

have never worn a toe ring but i know it looks amazing...and is an aphrodisiac..! haha

anamika said...

I love Amisha patel i this anklet as maang tika..My mom have it and I never came to know she is wearing anklet..will surely try it out..

great and an interesting post Sovina:)

Grit and Glamour said...

I love switching it're right. Sometimes I do a bangle as an arm cuff, or a chaing belt as a necklace.

♥ V

style'n said...

very interesting and creative post! I should try one of your suggestions!!

bollywoodstylediaries said...

I have worn anklet as a necklace but I am going to try bangles as arm cuff..very creative suggestions!!thx

Splurgerina said...

Yes to most of these!! For one, it's fun to go against the norms and secondly, in my case, I have limited accessories..not because I don't like them but because I end up spending most of my money on shoes (it's a real problem!) so this way you can get the most out of what you have!! :p Great post!!

Btw never thought of using anklets and beaded strands as a that idea!!

Style, She Wrote said...

Chain belt as a necklace. It's always fun to give things multiple uses.

Tangerine Fairy said...

I've worn rings in toes..

Me-Era* said...

Heyy..naice! :) :D

Tanvi said...

Oh! It's safe to say I would like to give each of these twists a try! :)

P.S. Amisha is looking quite pretty in this particular pic of her's! :)

BabyGirlRina said...

i love it!

sulagna ™ said...

i liked the last one specially , the stack of bangles as pendant...girl tu toh ekdum natural hai at fashion and creativity :) amazing

Dipti said...

amisha's hair is to die for

Shantanu said...

hey.. that's so offbeat. I was watching some programme on NDTV good times in same reference. Loved Carol's second pic. <3

Kiran Bajaj Sawhney said...

In this following post, you will se me wearing a necklace,

which I am wearing as kamar bandh in this post.

Sherin said...

I'm definitely in need of having fun with my jewellery. It looks so good. I think wearing a necklace backwards would be fun.

Leia said...

I love having fun with my jewelry and I've already tried a few of the things you mentioned! Thanks for the inspiration :)


Angels Never Lie said...

oh wow...dat was v difft and yet so beautiful...

Asta said...

This jewelry is totally awesome! Just received my first Amrita Singh necklace and is preparing to give it a try:)

Sovina said...

@dipti - i myself feel giving mathapatti a try after seeing these pics :)

@anamika - thanks :) i think this is the best picture of amisha mom also has a pair of heavy pajeb like she is wearing :)

@grit & glamour - i usually wear chain as belts or vice versa..changing up is fun.

@naina - thank you (big one :)..glad you like the post.

@sonali - even i would love to try only if my arms had little less fat on them ;)

@splurgerina - yeah i do this with clothes lot of times..when i am not shopping and sticking to the budget,i mix and match clothes to give a new look..same goes for jewelry :)

@style she, fairy and me era - thanks ladies :)

Sovina said...

@tanvi - yeah this is from vogue's photoshoot and by far her best pics i have seen.

@rina - thanks for stopping by dear :)

@sulagna - he he..bas kabhi kabhi mere dimaage ki bhi dead battery chal jati hai ;)

@shantanu - thanks :)

@kiran - i know ..with you i think it comes naturally..other like me have to make a conscious lovely is that necklace pretty.

@sherin - hope you will try out some and the share the pics with us :)

@leia- thanks sweety

@angels never lie - thanks :)

The Mommy said...

Let's see
Rings on toes - check
Pendant or earrings as a tika - check
Anklets as necklace- check
I think I need to try out more of these. Especially, long chains as waist belts, that sounds too cool!

Ruth said...

i'm not much of a jewelery person but i certainly would like to try out long chain as belt...:) that sounds so very cool.

Thanks for stopping by Underneath His Wrapping!
Thanks for the comforting words and prayers...!!

Love and hugs,

Persis Shah said...

i love jewellery but i don't end up wearing too much of it somehow...big earrings and nice kadas are all that i end up wearing...

p.s Did you know... you can even wear a big dangling earing as a maang tika


Vivarjitha said... r u??...exams r over at LAST...missed ur blog...this is such a wonderful post...luved the chain backward!!!

shari @ little blue deer said...

Oh, cool ideas! So gorgeous! Lovely, lovely blog here, happy to find it, and happy to be your newest follower! XO! So happy you stopped by Little Blue Deer!

inge luciana said...

it's a creative idea!!
i think i should try that. :)

The Urban Fashion Gal said...

Awesome pieces

Vogue Vibes said...

Liked most of try sooon:)

suruchi said...

Hi Sovi...
These innovative ways of wearing traditional jewellery are wow!
I love the amisha pic...n also those of Carol’s:-)
N that necklace backwards should look so good with an off shoulder outfit!
Great assembling of styles as always:-)

Ce qui m'inspire said...

These headpieces are all gorgeous! I especially love the second one!!

Ce qui m'inspire

Fé... said...

Never, but now that I've read your lovely post. I'm like so tempted to try. They all look gorgeous, reminds me of the boho Nicole Richie and Sienna Miller :) Thanks for the inspiration!