The Color

I think the most important factor while deciding your outfit is the color. Trust me on this, sometimes color makes all the difference. You may want to stick with the traditional colors such as red, maroon, pink or golden . But you can experiment a little and try on different colors and see what works best for you. If you are anything like me and don’t want to wear red or maroon on your day, then go for some unique colors such as blue, wine, green or a combination of red and blue, red and green or pink and blue.

The important thing is that the color should compliment your skin tone and it should enhance the beauty of the design you have chosen. And, the best way to see what looks best on you is to go and try out lehengas with different colors. Sometimes we tend to stuck on a particular color and don’t try out other options. For instance you might have always visualized yourself in a soft pink lehenga, but may be a red and golden compliments you more. So, my advice here would be try on as many options as you can( until and unless you are rock sure of what is best for you) and then take your pick.

(On the aside – When trying on different outfits, the salesmen would assure you that along with the make up, lighting and proper draping of the dupatta, the lehenga would look absolutely fantastic – even though it is not looking so right now. Don’t buy into this. The lehenga should look good in your most natural self. The make up, lights etc would of course enhance the look. But, first the color SHOULD look good when you are sans any special effects (read foundation, blush and ultra bright lights).

Feast your eyes on some of gorgeous color palettes.

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God Made Me fuNky said...

I absolutely love the first lehenga.

suk... said...

I like the lehenga with so many kalis....although it's difficult to carry this kind of lehenga...but i think it looks beautiful on lean figures....