The Style

While selecting your outfit be sure to choose the style that compliments your body type. You will find many beautiful pieces out there but be sure to try them on and see what works best for your body. Here are some hints.

Petite: Go for a style that adds height to your structure. Vertical embroidery as compare to overall jaal or embroidery along the kalis of the lehenga tends to add length to small frames. Go in for sleeveless or short sleeves. For cholis, you can easily go in for shorter cholis, showing your midriff. Leave the dupatta flowing at the back or folded and draped over the shoulder work to give some height illusion. Also, a light dupatta with heavy border all across will works best in creating a flowing look. Square or U-shaped necklines can also help to draw the eye upwards making smaller ladies appear taller.

Sleeveless/short sleeves blouse showing midriff

Lehenga Styles for Petite

Thin and Tall: You can experiment with a wide variety of styles. Opt for styles that are flowing in the bottom. A classic 15-20 kali lehenga would look great. If you don’t want to appear too tall, then go for dupattas that have full embroidery with a light or no border. Quarter or full sleeves will add elegance and sophistication to your look. Your choli design should be long extending to your midriff or slightly lower till the hips. But, don’t make them too long. Opt for deep necklines in front and the back.
Sleeves Designs for long hands:

Lehenga Styles for Tall

Pear shaped : This is the most common body type of Indians. A lines with some flowing at the bottom works best for women in this category. Avoid styles like fish cut or those which are too fitted around the hip area. You don’t want unwanted attention towards your bottom area. If you are busty then avoid heavy embroidery on the choli. Instead have a broad neckline with a well defined border around the neck. Also avoid high necks and, halters or collared necks. Make sure to ask you tailor to give a soft padding in the choli. A very heavy padding will make you look more heavy on the top.
Here are some designs:

Thick Waisted
: Opt for cholis that end where the belt of your lehenga starts. Very long cholis will add more volume in your mid riff section. Shorter sleeves with deeper U shaped or sweetheart neck style works best with this choli type. Also, go in for deeper hues rather than soft shades, especially for the top. Make sure that there is some space between the end of your necklace and the starting of your choli. A slight showing of skin here will compensate for covering up of the midriff section. Don’t add an extra dupatta with the lehenga. It will make the whole look much more baggy.


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Hi Sovina,

Firstly I want to congratulate you on a superbly amazing blog, its a godsend for all those who are planning to tie the knot. I really wish I had come across your blog before I picked out my would v helped me tremendously.

If you could do me a favor and post something on the different ways to drape the dupatta, I'd appreciate it! Keep the blog rolling... :)


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Thanks for stopping by..Great you liked my blog. You have some amazing blogs yourself. Will definitely post of dupatta draping styles...Keep rocking!!!

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This is a fantastic blog! I've already done half my wedding shopping but I'm actually going to take printouts to help me with the rest of the ordeal. Great, great job. The blessings of this bride-to-be to you!