Welcome to my blog. This space is dedicated to celebrate the grandeur, extravagance, festivities and above all the true spirit of Indian weddings. From the splendid bridal outfits and exquisite jewelry to lavish decors and intricate planning required in every aspect of wedding – this blog will have it all.

So if your wedding is “on the cards” or you too, like me, are fascinated by all things “weddings”, then join me for a fantastic ride.


Anonymous said...

Hi Sovina! I discovered your blog and I absolutely love it! Thanks for all of the information regarding wedding lehengas, jewlery, etc.

pavani reddy said...

hmmm..so this was ur first blog post!!!i too have gr8 fondness for weddings..i think we all indians have...did u do any of ur wedding related posts sovina???i wud luv to see u as a bride!!!