The Fabric

When it comes to bridal dresses in India, there is a huge variety of fabrics to choose from. From pure crepes, silks and brocades to net, georgette and satin – the shops have them all. You will find lot of designs in silks, raw silks and pure crepes. Net fabric is back with a bang these days and is found everywhere in sarees, suits and in lehengas. But there are few things that you might like to keep in mind before zeroing in on the fabric.

1) The weather – You don't want to be standing and sweating in brocade if your wedding is in our scorching summers. Save heavy fabrics like raw silks and brocades for winters. In summers, slightly lighter variety of silk, crepes or net works best.

2) The color and the design – Well, we all know that certain colors look best when worn in certain fabric. For instance, if you are going for soft pastel shades a pure crepe fabric would accentuate the color more than a brocade or silk. However, if you want to go in for deeper richer hues than nothing beats silk.

3) The whole look – Ultimately it's how the whole piece is put together that makes all the difference. The fabric, color, design and the work on the lehenga should all compliment each other.

Take a peak at some of the fabrics:

Crepe Lehenga with Raw Silk Choli

Photo Courtesy: Lakme India Fashion Week

Brocade Lehengas

Photo Courtesy: Bridal Asia &

Lehnega Styles in Net

Photo Courtesy:

Velvet Lehenga Styles

Photo Courtesy: Lakme India Fashion week, &

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Workmanship on Lehengas


Shyla said...

These are gorgeous! Net seems to be a real hit this season. Great blog, I'll be sure to come back for more!

Sovina said...

Thanks Shyla..

pavani reddy said...

i have nill knowledge on fabrics haha!!but crepe one luks gud