An "OUTFIT" of a Lifetime

All the cultures in the world share at least one common thing when it comes to weddings – the attention, hype and anticipation that surround the outfit of the bride.

Zillions of styles, fabrics and designer wear along with tons of (solicited &unsolicited) advice from friends and family make the task even more difficult. The minute you get engaged (and I can say this from personal experience) your mind would be flooded with suggestions on what will look best on you - Rita Aunty (from Amreeka) thinks you would look lovely in pink. Your best friend thinks that a green coored zardosi fish cut lehenga is just perfect for you. There may be a dress in which you have always imagined yourself but are not so sure about. So, with these myriad options available, from where to begin hunting for the perfect outfit for your most special day?

Well, lets start by making ourselves familiar with some of things that work together to create that perfect look for the most important day in your life.

But, before that…..

1) Have a rough approximation of the money you want to spend on your bridal dress. Trust me, this is one area where all of us tend to go over budget. Having an approximation of the money will help you in being selective and will give you some peace of mind. So tighten your purse strings (at least for now) and start hunting.

2) Take a trip to the market and see what’s around. It will give you an idea of what’s available in the market, what are the latest trends, what appeals you and what can you get in your budget. A Designer tag is absolutely not necessary for a great outfit, but yes, a designer feel is. And, there are lot of things that work together in creating this exquisite feeling for the outfit of your dreams.

In the next few posts of this blog I am going to ride you through some and more of these things and hopefully you will get some ideas and inspiration to help you along the way.


pavani reddy said...

will definitely come to u for my bridal outfit dear!!!