Layers over Layers - What's your take?

Ever since the time I have known a saree or a lehenga, I have always seen a short blouse with it. I mean a blouse technically is supposed be short, ending somewhere on your waist. But the designers are signing a different song these days. Runways in the latest fashion weeks have been marked with long blouses over lehenga and on sarees (see the pictures below)

I personally always felt that a long blouse would create so many layers that it may be unflattering on the body. But, seems the designers have found a cure for this too. Blouses fitted on waist, open from front and with deep necklines define the silhouette in the same way as short blouses do. Moreover these blouses can be paired with a salwaar (trousers) or churidaar too and voila, you have an additional outfit in your closet.

As far as pictures tell, the trend surely looks good and totally wearable. But, as we all know they (read models, designers make up artists etc) can make even a potato sack look good.

The question is do we see ourselves wearing this trend?


bollywoodstylediaries said...

I have a feeling that this will look good on people who have height..For others, the short blouse will be more flattering. I love what Jacqueline has worn..

Isabel said...

these fabrics are beautiful!

Ruth said...

these are so beautiful...

Sovina said...

@sonali - yeah you are right..thye may not look so good on short heights.Jacqueline's is a beautiful piece..i loved the deep neck line and sheer fabric

@isabel - yeah they are all gorgeous..very rich :)

Tanvi said...

You know I wore something like this for my 12th Grade prom. I will see if I can dig out a picture! That was my aunt's outfit ... she had bought in 1998! So trends keep coming back, and on her recent visit she told me she still has this saree/outfit.

I do see my self wearing it ... I too like Jaq's outfit the most :)

The Goddess of Boho said...

Oh I remember this trend!
When I was little, my aunts used to dress up like that for weddings.
Believe me there is nothing unflattering about it!
It looked fanatastic.


Sovina said...

@ tanvi- oh you have already tried your hands on this dig out the pic..would love to see it. i also liked the last one a lot.i can totally see my sister wearing that :)

@goddess of boho - yeah it sure looks pretty good in pictures..i didn't know that this was an old i said i have always seen short blouses on my mom and aunts.. but this is so cool..old trends keep coming back and back..

Komal Bajaj Diggi said...

I also think this is an old trend coming back (although the long blouse on the saree may be the latest innovation of an old trend).
My sister, Kiran, had a turquoise blue 'sharara which looked something on these lines.
Personally, I would feel so uncomfortable just trying to manage all these layers, especially if it's on a saree. But I could see someone tall sister carrying it well.

Pixie Dust said...

This looks so great!
If you get the time - and I hope you will :) - please check out my blog. I think you might like it!

Hoping to hear from you soon, sweetie!

Splurgerina said...

God these lehengas are exquisite! I like the look.. didn't Kareena Kapoor also wear something like this for her wedding scene in 3 idiots? I agree though you need to be tall to pull it off..and also it's probably not a good idea to wear it during the summer..cuz from what I've heard..the entire bridal attire even makes you feel hot in the middle of winter!

Style, She Wrote said...

Love these lehengas! The full skirts are so beautiful as are the colors.

Sovina said...

@ komal - yeah i guess these are too many layers but i think i can wear something in light fabrics..the heavy ones would be too much..

@pixie- thanks for stopping by sweets..will sure check out your blog..right after this comment :)

@splurgerina..i dont remember exactly ..i just remeber that it was an orange lehenga and kareena was wearing sepcs (was she?) ..don't exactly remember the top..and yeah this is a good point ..nobody can wear it in indian is super hot..short blouse gives at least some breathing room

@style she- glad you guys like it :))

Jarlin Paul said...

You got nice blog...This is my first visit here, enjoyed the posts and pictures. Keep writing...

anamikasureka said...

I wore this kind of a lehanga in my 8th standard I guess.It made me look more bulky then what I was probably because it was not tuck from inside.

Also those who are tall can carry this easily..It is not meant for short heighted ..

great post andbeautiful pics:)

Noble Beeyotch said...

Love the outfits..they sure look good on the models...but on me?...I don't think so!

Though I would wear the long blouse with a lehenga...I think a saree looks sexier with a shorter blouse!

Call Me Stylista

Upasna said...

i loved the 3rd deep neckline thing...and yes it's an additional garment if paired with something else...very wearable...

Sovina said...

@jarin - hey! thanks for stopping by my blog...glad you like it

anamika - he he..seems i was the only one who missed it in my teens..

@noble beeyotch - yeah even i am on edge with these..may be i can pull it be after losing 5 pounds and with super high heels..

@upasna - that one seems to be everyone's favorite...i like the first one the color combo and its work :)

Ce qui m'inspire said...

These outfits are all so beautiful! I wish I had occasions where I could wear things like this! The beading, embroidery, patterns, colours - all so wonderful!!

I'm glad I found your blog, because I am learning about types of clothing that I honestly knew nothing about! Very educational, and total eye candy! Thanks for sharing!

Ce qui m'inspire

libys11 said...

these are so over top beautiful!! wow! :D im in awe of the richness of the fabrics and prints! :D

Animated Confessions

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CutePriya said...

Another beautiful post from the charming lady! I have my heart set on the third one...(wish i was so tall to carry it)...they're Lovely...


ash89 said...

My cousin wore something like this for her reception! It was different from the usual stuff so I liked it.
(PS- Just like the others said...the third one steals my heart!)

Leia said...

wow! i really love this! although i agree it might be hard to pull off.

The Mommy said...

Love the first one. There is something so fascinating about gotas. I agree with some of the comments about it looking good on tall people. I think slim people have a better chance it carry it off well too.
Btw, I have an award for your fabulous blog!! Come over and claim it !!

Sherin said...

I quite like this. In fact, I think I may just prefer them to the short blouses. When I wear lenga's, the blouse is at such an uncomfortable length.

style said...

great wedding pics

knk said...

wow they looks great in indian traditional wear

awesome post sovina
indian dress is royal outfit

Sovina said...

@ Ce qui m'inspire - thnaku so much dear..i am so glad that you are liking all the stuff..and i am totally a fan of your DIY creations..thanks

@libys - yeah they are the finest fabrics in indian garments..all in their pure forms

@scofiled- thanks for stopping by..will check out the blog soon..

@cute priya - thanks sweets

@ash- yeah if carried well they are sure to make the heads turn

@mommy -hey u r with me on the first one..thanks for the award tooo :))

@sheirn - yeah you are tall and slim and they would look fab on you..i am just 5.4 (bit less than that actually )in fact they will look as good as they are looking on the models ..

@style -thanks for stopping by

@knk - thanks..

designer clubwear said...

Awesome collection! This long blouse fashion seems good to them who has good height. I like this post. So adorable! Keep posting

beingzaraandzidan said...

wow love the gotta on the skirt.
Sooo beautiful!

Haddock said...

Ha ha ha like that...can make even a potato sack look good.
So true.

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