Tagging the Bags!!!

Following yesterday's post, these are the pretty ladies whose bags I want to tag.

1) Sulagna at Pink & Black

2) Sonali at Bollywood Style Diaries

3) Isabel at Walk of Fashion

4) Anamika at Wise She

5) Tanveer at Addicted to Blush

6) Libys at Animated Confessions

7) Charlotte at Cequiminspire

So, girls what are you waiting for..time to spill some beans!!!


anamika said...

Ohh gosh my bag is full of shit Sovina..It has all the papers who even I don remember..You people will be shocked to c it...:D

bollywoodstylediaries said...

thanks for the tag!! will def. do it over the weekend..

Isabel said...

ooh yay! i will try and do it this week :)


Pop Champagne said...

this is such a fun tag!! I love looking through whats in other people's bags out of curiousity for some reason LOL

Sovina said...

@anamika - that's ok dear..u would get a chance to organize it too

@sonali & isabel - sure..will wait for the post..

@pop champagne - yeah it's a real treat..thanks for stopping by :))

Ce qui m'inspire said...

Thanks! I definitely need to do this! I'll try to get around to it soon!!

Ce qui m'inspire

Iji said...

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sulagna ™ said...

aiyaaa!!!! i have always wanted to do this tag..and since it comes from lady hotness herself, i have to respect it :)