Sepia Symphony

These shots from Maria.B make me smile. Beautiful clothes in flowy, rich fabrics with antique hand embroideries speak of traditional touch with modern elegance. Tied up hair with flowers bring back memories of old-fashioned beauty that seldom goes out of style. The evenings with tea in the lawn, close friends gossiping sharing their secrets and happy radiant faces – all in all a perfect picture.


Tanvi said...

It is so pretty! All your posts makes me wanna attend some Indian affair. Unfortunately, I have no options here :( .... I appreciate all your comments on my posts! ... sorry haven't replied sooner. Been occupied with family :o)

Are you planning a wedding? Or this is just your hobby?

bollywoodstylediaries said...

just gorgeous dresses and I love the flowers in the hair thing..

Style, She Wrote said...

Absolutely gorgeous!

anamikasureka said...

Flower are my favourtie but some how I rarely use it in fashion.

This pic is motivating me.


Ruth said...

i agree... all in all a perfect picture!

Sovina said...

@ Tanvi - i have been married for over a year now :), so yeah not planning my wedding..but when I was planning mine I had so many wonderful ideas (of which i implemented some too) that i thought it would be great to share it. I too dont wear Indian much here (again limited options) but this keeps me close to India too :))
Thanks for stopping by.

@bollywoodstylediaries- yeah the flowers are beautiful..Thank you so much for following:)

@Style,she - glad you liked it, thanks :)

@anamika - if you try it tell me how it looked..i am sure though that they would look fab!!!

@Ruth - thanks dear...your post on summer tops was so good!!

The Goddess of Boho said...

Hi sovina!
Thanks for stopping by.
I love, love, love these pictures.
They have such an old world charm to them :)
I went through a lot of other posts. Thoroughly enjoyed myself.
Great blog you have there.
I'm definitely coming back for more.
Oh and I'm following you now :)

Sovina said...

@goddess of Boho - Loved your blog too and all the interesting styles that u post..So glad that you like my blog..and thank u so much for following!!!



Isabel said...

absolutely beautiful!

Isabel @ Walk of Fashion

priyanka said...

This is like super pretty..!! do post some nice ideas for Indian weddings..!!

Sovina said...

@priyanka - thanks for stopping by the blog...lovely ideas coming up real soon!!!

suk... said...

i love such kind of dresses.....they look ethnic as well as elegant at the same time....

Sovina said...

@ isabel - thanks dear!!!
@suk - yeah i really liked the setting too :)

Tamanna A. Shaikh said...

Really really pretty!! Love the dresses!!