Time for some Awards!!!

Tanvi at The Fabulous Life of Not-So-Rich and Infamous is one of the bloggers who is so generous with her beautiful comments (always) on my blog & just make me feel wonderful. Not only she has an impeccable dressing sense, she also has a penchant for fitness & that is a source of inspiration for so many people (including myself). Her blog is full of optimism, hope & beauty in the most simple things of life.

She presented me with my very first blogging award(yipppeee!!!) in which I have to list 10 things that I love to do. Do check out her fabulous blog here.

And, here are some things that I love to do :

- Shopping, Shopping & more shopping – clothes, shoes, bags, accessories & even window-shopping. This is definitely the top thing that I am crazy about.

- Getting clicked – I love getting shot. I remember as a child I used to spend hours in dressing up, putting on make up, lipstick (yah!!!) & then I used to tell my Mom or Dad to click a picture. I do it now also. Except that I am much quicker now. And, now my husband takes all my pictures. (And I so love him very much for bearing with me. I can be a little annoying with this habit but he does a wonderful job).

- Movies – For me watching a great movie with my husband is the perfect way to end a day. I am big movie freak. And, lucky for me this is the thing that we both have in common (unlike the previous one)

- Reading – A hobby that is getting stronger by the day. I love to read Ayn Rand, non fiction, books on stock market, editorials etc etc.

- Playing the Money Game – Investing, following stock markets, looking for new investment ideas – yup, that’s me.

- Blogging – This doesn’t need any further elaboration.

- Visiting New Places – I have actually made a list of all the places I would like to see..now I just have to be on track.

- I love spending time with my husband, just lazing around the house with him, doing nothing (yup, at times I do that) & I love talking to my MOM on the phone everyday (my day is not complete without that).

I would like to pass this award to following bloggers who make my life so very beautiful :

1) Anamika at Wise She
2) Ruth at Underneath his Wrappings
3) Kiran at Dreamfit
4) The Goddess of boho at Purple Peeptoes
5) Neelam Azmi at Being Zara&Zidan

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Ce qui m'inspire said...

Congratulations! I love Tanvi's blog! She's so great!

I am also totally with you on the visiting new places thing. I have been feeling so stir-crazy lately, I just want to go travel! Anywhere and everywhere!

Ce qui m'inspire

Tanvi said...

How sweet Sovina ... Thanks! *blush.grin.blush* ...

Everything you love, is everything I love!!! ... And you said you like Investment ... I need to contact to ASAP now and chew your brains then! Hhehe [No really!]

beingzaraandzidan said...

thanx for the award. u are too sweet. i hope u recd the award i mentioned earlier.
I visited Tanvi's blog. its trendy!
Thanx once again.

Anonymous said...

Love your 10 things :)

Tanvi said...

Oh! Also, Ayn Rand is my fav. author ... have read all her books! She influenced me a lot in college days. I was a crazy individualistic living in my own shell kinda person coz of her books. Haha ... Which one are you reading?

Sovina said...

@Ce qui m'inspire - yup travelling is so much fun..plus i get to wear all my clothes too :)

@tanvi - sure...lets make some MONEY..
disclaimer - at your own risk ;)

beingzaraandzidan - :))...you totally deserve it.

@Katie - thanks sweetie :)

Kiran Bajaj Sawhney said...

Thank you Sovina.

anamikasureka said...


I have been terribly busy as I have shifted base so didnt check this out..

Thank u so much for giving me the award..:)

Ruth said...

Awww how sweet of you to even think of me! i'm so honored!!

Love your ten things of course...:-)

Tamanna A. Shaikh said...

Congrats honey! :) You deserve that award! And I'm with you on the reading part and the "loves to get clicked" part! :)

Tanvi said...

Oh! CONGRATS BABES! I can see that in just few days you have got quite a few more awards! Totally rocking ... but I am glad I was the first one ... like first love ... first kiss ... first whatever!!! Basically first is what's important here!! HAHA :)

I like Fountainhead a lot as it was her first book I had read [again first! :P] ... but I really really like Atlas Shrugged the most! :) ... May be I shld go back and read them all again ... but so many books ... such little time [alive! :P]

The Goddess of Boho said...

Congratulations hun!
I'm so touched, you have no idea.
A big thank you post coming up :)


jso style said...

Wow, congrats Sovina.

Sovina said...

@Kiran, Anamika & ruth - you guys totally deserve it ..love your blogs

@Tamanna - Thanks sweetie..

@Tanvi - yup i too read some specific instances & pages again & again..atlas shrugged was the second one that i picked up...Loved it..but yeah first love (as you said) was fountain head - the whole image of an ideal man..and i am so glad that you were the first to give the award..you are one of the most fab person i have discovered thru blogging :))

@goddess of boho - oh ! you totally deserved it..i want to know the inspirations behind all those beautiful outfits & designs :))

@JSO STYLE - thanks girls..& thanks for stopping by :))