Things that Turn me Off

My dear friend Tanvi tagged me (here) to list 10 things that turn me off. Here I go:

1) People who are more interested in what’s going on in my life than they are in theirs. (Aunties who keep asking "beta when will you plan for family..i mean come on!!!)

2) Couples, who stay together under the same roof but still send lovey dovey messages to each other on FaceBook (jaanu iam missing you, honey, I love you so much..i mean on FB …seriously so annoying)

3) Advice – tons and tons of it, without any rhyme , reason and obviously without asking

4) Food products containing High Fructose Corn Syrup in particular and unhealthy foods in general

5) Dirty Kitchen

6) Sugar coated extra sweet, extra polite people - I always feel there is something fishy about them & somehow can’t digest their politeness.

7) Indian News Channels or should I say Bollywood gossip channels

8) Unproductive people, who keep sitting on their asses all day and do nothing, don’t even take care of themselves.

9) Going to the so called SALE and finding junk (spl in India)

10) Miser/ penny pincher types who keep track of each & every penny they spend.

I would love to know what all are the things/people that piss you/ turn you off. Please leave a reply in the Comment Box..lets do some girl's talk :)


anamika said...

Your face book one is a real killer one..lolz...cant stop laughing...

My list is.
1.Thos who pretend to be extra sweet some how these people scare me.

2.Girls who will watch every stupid movie of actors because they are cure.In the whole movie they will only say one thing"hIEEEEE KITNA CUTE LAG RAHA HAI".come on if you like him so much and you are not concerned about the movie then please get his poster in your house.

3.Those who do not value other concern and always impose things on others.

Rest all is Ok or may be I am in peace with my self right now..


Bebo said...

I liked the sugar-coated people ones. Yeah too sweet is diabetic.they r dangerous. argh

ash89 said...

people who are way too judgemental.
And ya people who try to force their opinions on others tick me off!!
Btw..I agree with Anamika. Facebook wala point was killer! :)

Tanvi said...

Hey! Thanks for doing this. So much fun to read. Few of them are soooo true. Unsolicited advice. Agrh! Who asked? And Aunties asking about 'family planning' - Ufff! One smack right across their face I want to give [only I cant!]

Sherin said...

This was so fun to read. I defintitely agree with numbers 1 and 3!

bollywoodstylediaries said...

I soo agree with you about India media. They are obnoxious and make news out of molehill!!

I will hold the aunties while u and Tanvi bash them up:-)

I just hate people who are more interested in poking their long noses in other people's stuff!!

Kiran Bajaj Sawhney said...

I quite like this Tag that Tanvi has started. I wrote list of my 10 things in my blog.
I am very amused by the 10 things you have listed.

Taj Acosta said...

I agree, people that are lazy and do nothing all day just blow my mind! Happy weekend!

libys11 said...

yeah.. i agree with the number 1 statement!! oh goodness.. and relatives are just so so so good at it. aacck!

just on the top of my head, one of the things i hate are people who ask you to follow them since they are following you (in their blogs, i mean). isn't following supposed to be by your own will!? wth?!

Sovina said...

having so much fun reading all your comments:
@anamika- totally agree with 2nd ...girls would go gaga over ranbir or salmaan and even like them in the crappiest of movies..i guess this is a phase which comes in every teenagers life..i too was like this for shahrukh khan..but i am cured now :)

@bebo- yeah they are too sweet to be true :)

@ash - i know..FB is a great medium and all but yeah i so much hate somethings in it...i also hate people who use FB as a medium to show off..they would post their photos outside designer shops or with LV or CHanel Shopping bags in their hands, just to say to the world that Oh! we have so much money so splurge on..I can totally understand if you are carrying a chanel or LV and you post a pic of yourself but of shopping bags..uff!!

@tanvi - i know man..what is with these aunties and relative aunties ...

@sherin - thanks for stopping by dear.. :))

@sonali- i would so want to do that..and totally agree..ppl who just keep interfering are a big annoyance.

@kiran - yeah this is super cool..loved your last one too on reducing must be comign across such ppl so many times and it is very irritating..

@taj acosta- :)) too have a great one :)

@libys - totally agree with the followers point ..:))

Isabel said...

lovely post :)

Isabel @ Walk of Fashion

Noble Beeyotch said...

The Facebook point was hilarious and true.... and I sure hate to be around saccharin sweet people. They give me toothache!

Call Me Stylista

Splurgerina said...

Lol @ number 2!! That pisses me off the most!! Seriously, what is that all about??? Psychos!

Anyway what a FUN post! I've decided to tag myself on you'll get to know about all the things that piss me off on my blog soon:) xoxo

Vivarjitha said...

hahah...the aunties!!!!

Saloni said...

no5. o god. awful.

damn. no 6. is perfect. im tired of two faced people myself...

ps. love your blog!

sulagna ™ said...

sovs i sooo get where you are coming from..theother day i went to a party and politely declined cheese and was asked"ohh wow good news hai kya"

i mean wth??? cheese and baby???

The Goddess of Boho said...

Sovina! Don't get me started on FB. these unmarried couples can be just as annoying.
And some of them are not even in love!
They're just pretending o_0

And yes some of these sales are a disgrace!

Agree with most of you have had to say actually!


The Mommy said...

I agree with all of them. High fructose corn syrup pisses me off too! And yes, the couples who act like they communicate only through FB are so annoying!

Sovina said...

@mommy - i didn't know about this till about a year back..but now that i do i totally try to avoid all products containing is just so bad for the body..

Nikita said...

true....extra sweet ppl do annoy me.and yeah...sending messages on facebook n all,its height of show off...

nice one..

Sovina said...

@nikita- thanks dear:)

Haddock said...

Agree on point number, 5,6,9 & 10
Very true.
(and thanks for your comments and the follower)